My Music


I do not have any recording deals or personal management. You can hear clips of the songs from my CD's below.

 Ordering can be done by PayPal and emailing me directly.

I do NOT use any pre-recorded sound/sample clips in my music. I write and record every note and every drum beat in every song. Bass parts are played (by me) and recorded live to disk. It takes longer (not using other peoples pre-recorded music clips) but it's all me. I would have prefered to hire some killer players to do the non-bass parts but lack of money forced me to do all of the parts myself. I do all mixing and production myself, as well as the site design for this site.

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Up Side to Everything   hhhhhh
I'm currently writting/recording new songs for this CD. Here clips from what I have so Far..........

Up Side to Everything

Broken Heart

Holes In Alternate Dimensions

Slap & Tap

Song Bird


Absent Friends


Heavy Dues

Final Exit

Five Seventy Four

I Just Want to Play

In Your Face


Trailer Daze

Breaking Out