My Music

I do not have any recording deals or personal management. You can hear clips of the songs from my CD titled Heavy Dues on the Main Page. Please note that in order to save web hosting costs I have lowered the bit rate on the sample clips on this site. The CD sound quality is as high as would expect on a CD.

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I do NOT use any pre-recorded sound/sample clips in my music. I write and record every note and every drum beat in every song. Bass parts are played (by me) and recorded live to disk. It takes longer (not using other peoples pre-recorded music clips) but it's all me. I would have prefered to hire some killer players to do the non-bass parts but lack of money forced me to do all of the parts myself. I do all mixing and production myself, as well as the site design for this site.


Daniel McGillis: A good friend and a very hot guitarist with several CD's featuring his own original music. Take a look at Daniel's site. Daniel, Thank you for all of your help and encouragement getting my computer MIDIfied and solving the tech issues with my music computer.


Carren (A.K.A. Sinnocent): A very smart, funny, sexy, vibrant lady who is one of my best friends. Carren, thank you so much for believing in me and for all of your moral support.


Shandi Strong : A personal friend who is a great photographer. Thank you for taking all of the pictures of me for this web site.



Since my music is instrumental, I thought you might like to know something about the inspiration for each song:

Song Bird Song Bird is available as a single, (downloadable) (it isn’t on a CD). It's only $0.99. I've always had great respect for Kenny G. Kenny, I hope you enjoy my arrangement of your song. I did take a few liberties with the arrangement but at the same time I tried to be true to the song. I've always loved the song Song Bird so I thought I'd give it a go. I hope you enjoy what I’ve done with it.



CD title Heavy Dues:


Heavy Dues The title track of the CD. The song clip features one of the two bass solos, the melody section, and part of the piano solo. This song is very special to me because I started writing it just after the first one of my hand surgeries (see bio for that story). I thought I'd never be able to finish the song. Over fourteen years later, when my hands came back, I finished the song. To me, it represents all of the pain I've gone through, and joy of being able to play once again.


I Just Want To Play Life throws all kinds of stuff at you that demands a lot of your time. I'm talking about the "stuff" you really don't want to do but have to do when all you want to do is play


Five Seventy Four In the intro (not on the sound clip) I am tapping (playing two bass parts at the same time). I use a four finger pop in this song (it took a while to get that down). Five Seventy Four is my address. My house is a three story house built in the late 1800's. The previous owners were musicians. Since I've written all of the songs for this CD at home I though it fitting to write a song about my house.


Obsession This is a slow jazz song. I utilize chords on my fretless bass in the solo. I wrote this song right after Trailer Daze. Remembering all of the great times at Glenn's brought back the pain of his premature death, and seemed to greatly influence the feel of this song. I had originally intended the song to be about obsession. I think everyone at one pointing their lives has something they become obsessed about. For me my obsession is playing bass.


Trailer Daze A life long friend of mine, who was more of a brother to me, died way before his time. Glenn Eros a.k.a The General, you are missed!! Glenn lived in a trailer. His living room was filled with gear. His brother Craig used to do sound for several local rock bands and also plays guitar. Craig had a massive P.A. system (also in Glenn's living room). Every weekend for years I used to go over to Glenn's and we would have some awesome times jamming and parting. Those were truly great times that died with Glenn. This song is a celebration of those good times and all of the people we jammed with through out the years.


In Your Face This song has a big band feel. I always wanted to write a hard hitting song with fast moving melodic lines in harmony.


Breaking Out This song has a fast paced fusion feel to it. I had an amazing amount of delays and setbacks trying to get my computer set up to do the recording for this CD. Without these setbacks, the CD would have been finished six months ago. It has been a frustrating experience to say the least. I am letting my frustrations out in this song. This is the last song for the Heavy Dues CD. This will be my break-out CD hence the name of the song. Finally getting out of the wood shed (for now at least).


Final Exit This song is a solo bass piece utilizing harmonics. I feel the dead do try to communicate with the living at times. I have had several paranormal experiences through out my life so I know this to be true. Whether you hear them depends on if you're really listening or not. Sometimes it's like a subtle whisper, other times it's like a voice shouting at you from within. Sometimes it's a physical manifestation. This song is for all of us who have survived a tragic loss of some one we love.