My Gear


I own two Alembic Series l four string basses. These are older models from the 70's. Yes they are banged up and not all that pretty but they really have it where it counts. I also own a 5 string Alembic Epic fretless bass. It's a great bass but not my ideal fretless bass. I will be replacing it. A new fretless 5 string is high on my shopping list, I’m not sure what manufacturer yet. I still own the $125.00 SX 5 string bass I bought just to see if I was able to play again (see Bio for the story on that). I've added a Roland midi pick up to the SX bass (I find it to be one step up from a toy). Both of my five string basses are strung from low E to high C. I'd love to be able to upgrade both of my Alembic series I's but since I'm starting my music career all over again from scratch it's going to take some time, luck, and money.


I'm using an Epifani UL 4-10 cabinet. An Epifani UL 2-12 cabinet is on my shopping list. I run my Alembics in stereo. The signal from each pick-up goes into an Alesis DEQ 230 then into an ART SGX Night Bass Pre-amp (one per channel), then into an Alembic F-1X (one per channel), then into an Alembic Super Filter. From there it all goes in to an SWR sm900 amp. The fretless and the SX basses (since they are both mono) plug into one of the ART Night Bass pre-amps and follow the same path through all of the gear.



Alembic Series I
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Alembic Series I
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